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Patmon law firm lawyers have extensive experience representing non-profit organizations and religious institutions. We have advised non-profits and religious institutions on real estate transactions, labor and employment matters, 501(c)(3) matters, development of codes of regulation for non-profits, church governance and faith-based initiatives.

In particular, the Patmon law firm currently represents a 5,600 member church, start-up churches and other religious institutions. Our legal work ranges from labor and employment matters to church governance matters.

We provide represented non-profits and religious institutions in a number of matters and transactions such as:

  • 501(c)(3) matters
  • Development of a code of regulation and other governance agreements for religious institutions and non-profit entities.
  • Establishment of auxiliary or affiliated entities for housing, retirement and community development
  • Clergy-parishioner matters
  • Representation of neighborhood development entities in real estate development matters
  • Contractual and general business matters 

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